Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Healthcare Information Requirements and Standards

Students will be able to utilize appropriate procedures to abstract, analyze and monitor the accuracy and completeness of the health record including other patient data from multiple sources as defined by the organizational policy, external regulations and standards. (Active)

Seventeen (17) students were administered a checklist of accreditation standards used in accredited healthcare facilities to analyze health records for accuracy and completeness. Each student was given 5 records to analyze in accordance to accreditation standards. All 17 students (100%) accurately performed chart analysis.

Mastery of Entry Level HIT Competencies

Ninety percent (90%) of graduating Health Information Technology students will demonstrate knowledge of entry level health information technology concepts with a minimum grade of 75%.

One hundred percent (100%) of students enrolled in HIT T 2149 (RHIT Competency Review) course achieved the targeted goal of 75% competency rate.

Healthcare Compliance, Confidentiality, Ethical, Legal and Privacy Issues

Ninety percent (90%) of students will apply regulatory policies and procedures for access and disclosure of protected health information (PHI).

Ninety percent (90%) of students enrolled in HITT 1353 (Legal, Ethical Aspect of HIM) successfully passed the course, thereby meeting the targeted goal of 90%.

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