Youth Aquatics Program

Youth Aquatics Program

Plans for a program of instructional swimming for elementary and middle school age youth. Must be six years of age by August 1 and/or 12 years of age or younger. 

Note: No exceptions will be made regarding minimum age requirement.

Program requirements

  • Elementary and middle school students are eligible to participate in the instructional swimming program. Students must be 6 years of age by August 1, 2019. BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD MUST BE PRESENTED, AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. Students may register for only one section per session but may register for multiple sessions.
  • It is recommended that students enrolling be at least 48 inches in height. All students must be potty trained. Students who cry excessively or refuse to participate, during lessons, are subject to being dropped from the group lessons and tuition will not be refunded. All students must have permission from parent or legal guardian and be in good health. Students will be assigned to an instructor according to skill level: beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer. Approximately 4-5 students per instructor and classes are co-educational.
  • Carefully review class schedule for meeting dates and times.
  • Fee of $50 per child for eight (8) forty-five minute lessons. Fee must be paid, upon registration.


Registration begins Monday, April 29, 2019. Register in person at the Del Mar College Center for Economic Development, 3209 S. Staples (Kostoryz/Staples intersection), phone number 361-698-2122. NO MAIL-IN OR PHONE REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Registration days/times are: Monday-Thursday 7:30am - 6pm; Friday 7:30am - 12:30pm

Schedule - Spring 2019

Each session is two weeks in length. Register for the most convenient time. Missed classes cannot be rescheduled.

Session 1

Class Times: 4:30-5:15 p.m. and 5:30-6:15 p.m.
Week 1: June 3-6 (Monday-Thursday)
Week 2: June 10-13 (Monday-Thursday)

Session 2

Class Times: 4:30-5:15 p.m. and 5:30-6:15 p.m.
Week 1: June 17-20 (Monday-Thursday)
Week 2: June 24-27 (Monday-Thursday)

Session 3

Class Times: 4:30-5:15 p.m. and 5:30-6:15 p.m.
Week 1: July 1-5* (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
*No class July 4. Classes will be held at the normal time July 5.
Week 2: July 8-11 (Monday-Thursday)

More Information

*BEGINNER: Children develop self-confidence while learning stroke development. Skills include front, back and side strokes, rhythmic breathing water games and safety.

*INTERMEDIATE: Children must be able to complete the following without flotation:  swim 15 meters (any stroke), over arm stroke, tread water for 30 seconds, back float for 15 seconds and be comfortable in the deep water. 

*ADVANCED: Children must be able to complete: 25 meter front crawl with rotary breathing, 25 meter backstroke and 3 minute back float. 

For group lessons to make, there has to be a minimum of three (3) participants in each class. Fees must be paid at time of registration.

Welcome to the Del Mar College Youth Aquatics Program. It is the aim of the supervisor and the instructors that the participants in this program will achieve as much as possible in acquiring safety and recreational skills for enjoyment in aquatic activities.

  • All classes will be held at the Del Mar College Aquatic Center (East Campus), at the scheduled time. Students should come to class, daily (including first class meeting), prepared to get into the water. 
  • Parents may observe classes from the balcony or patio area provided instruction is not disrupted. PARENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE POOL DECK OR PICNIC TABLES IN POOL AREA. 
  • Children, who are not enrolled in the program, must be supervised by a parent when in the Aquatic Center or patio area. Do not smoke, eat or drink while in Aquatic Center or patio area.
  • Youth Aquatics participants and family members are not allowed use of any recreational or instructional equipment and are not allowed to enter any adjoining buildings/areas. 
  • Class procedures are as follows: 
    • Students may dress and shower in the dressing rooms before and after class participation.
    • Students must bring their own towel.
    • A bathing cap is recommended for students with long hair. If bathing cap is not used, hair must be pulled back away from face.
    • No jewelry, hair pins, gum or any other articles detrimental to swimming.
    • Upon entering the pool area, students must check in with instructor and wait on pool deck until instructor begins class.  DO NOT ENTER THE WATER WITHOUT INSTRUCTOR’S PERMISSION. 
    • No glass containers (shampoo, etc) in the building.
    • No rough play will be allowed during class or on deck.
    • Absolutely no running in building or patio area.
    • Please be prompt to class.
    • For safety, students should always dry off, before leaving pool area.
    • Goggles are strongly recommended.
  • Students who are absent are not allowed to make up missed classes. No exceptions. 
  • Students enrolled in the Del Mar College Youth Aquatics Program do not have access to recreational facilities.
  • Parents and/or guardians must pick up children on time. Del Mar College is not responsible for participants prior to or after class.  

Page last updated April 23, 2019.