NOTE: Del Mar College has changed systems for disbursing refunds to students. See the eRefunds/TouchNet Refunds page for information.

What Happened to Higher One?
Higher One's Refund Management® Disbursement Service has been acquired by Customers Bank. The entire Higher One Disbursements team will continue to serve students with an existing DMC Debit Card and OneAccount under the BankMobile Disbursements Division.

Who is BankMobile Disbursements?
Established in 2014, BankMobile Disbursements is a division of Customers Bank. Customers Bank has worked very closely with Higher One for more than two years as a bank partner, and is highly knowledgeable about our current business processes and campus needs.

When will the OneAccount Change to BankMobile Vibe®?
The OneAccount will become BankMobile Vibe® in June 2016. Existing OneAccount customers will have no change to debit card and account number.

What will happen to students who currently have a OneAccount?
All OneAccount customers will be transitioned to the new BankMobile Vibe® account which will have fewer fees associated with it. While new account holders will receive an updated card with a new design and a new name, existing accountholders need not take action. Their DMC Debit Card for the OneAccount will be fully functional for use with the new account and won't need to be replaced until the card expiration date.

Will I need to choose a refund preference again?
For existing customers, the same refund method you have with Higher One will be used with BankMobile Disbursements.

Will the same fees apply with BankMobile Vibe®?
Many of the fees associated with the OneAccount have been eliminated. The new Fee Schedule can be found by logging into your account.

What ATMs can I use?
BankMobile Disbursements has expanded access for accountholders to a nationwide network of 43,000 All point® ATMs (55,000 ATMs internationally). Accountholders will have surcharge-free access to cash in this network.

Page last updated November 6, 2018.