$800 On Us

$800 On Us

Student Aid for Spring 2023

The $800 On Us student aid campaign is for students who would like to enroll in additional courses in the 1st 8-week, 15-week or 16-week sessions for Spring 2023. This funding goes directly toward tuition, fees and bookstore charges. Any remaining funds will be refunded to the student on the financial aid disbursement date.

There are two easy steps to apply:

  1. First step: Enroll & register for 1st 8-week, 15-week or 16-week sessions for Spring 2023 (minimum 3 credit hours required before applying for this program, then add 3 hours or more through $800 On Us).
  2. Second step: Submit your $800 On Us application.

Please note: The deadline for applying for $800 On Us is Jan. 17, 2023.

You may receive up to $800 for the Spring 2023 1st 8-week (Jan. 17-March 9), 15-week (Jan. 23-May 10) or 16-week (Jan. 17-May 10) sessions. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are depleted. You only need to submit the application once. Current dual credit students (high school) are not eligible.

Students are responsible for all tuition/fees not covered by this award (3-peat fees, course fees, lab fees, testing fees, insurance fees, etc.). Once you have applied for this award, please monitor your Financial Aid Self-Service on your WebDMC account for an update within 3-7 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the $800 On Us?

First, enroll & register for classes, then apply here:  $800 on Us application.

If I register for one 3 credit-hour course only, am I eligible for $800 ON US?

No, you must register for at least 3 credit hours before adding 3 credit hours or more through $800 On Us (minimum total is 6 credit hours).

I submitted an application previously for $800 On Us and/or a Free Semester. Do I need to re-apply?

Yes, please submit a new application here: $800 On Us application.

If I was awarded other financial aid to cover the cost of my Spring 2023 1st 8-week, 15-week or 16-week sessions, will I be eligible for this award?

No, this award is for students who were not awarded enough financial aid to cover the cost of their Spring 2023 1st 8-week, 15-week or 16-week tuition and fees.

If I pay for courses out of pocket, will the $800 On Us reimburse me?

No. You must follow the two registration steps outlined above.  

Are online students eligible for the $800 On Us?


Can dual credit students receive the $800 On Us?

No, dual credit students are not eligible to receive these funds.

Can Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, DREAMers and undocumented students receive the $800 On Us?


Are international students eligible for the $800 On Us?


Do I need to repay the $800 On Us?

No, this is not a loan.

Is there a deadline or cutoff date to apply?

Yes, the deadline is Jan. 17, 2023.

Do I need to take 12 hours in order to receive the $800 On Us?

No, you must register for at least 3 credit hours during Spring 2023 before being eligible to add classes through $800 On Us (1st 8-week, 15-week or 16-week sessions).

Do I need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to get the $800 On Us?

No, but we recommend you submit a FAFSA to see if you qualify for additional aid.

When will I receive the $800 On Us?

After you apply for this award, the Financial Aid Office will review applications to ensure you meet all eligibility criteria. This generally takes 3-7 business days. PLEASE NOTE: This grant will be applied directly to your tuition and fees. Any funds remaining can either be used for bookstore charges or be refunded to you on the financial aid disbursement date.

Can I use the $800 On Us to pay off my past due balances for tuition and fees?

No, this award can only go toward courses taken during the Spring 2023 1st 8-week, 15-week or 16-week sessions.

What if the $800 On Us does not cover all tuition and fees?

It is the student’s responsibility to pay any remaining balances prior to the first class day at the cashier’s offices on the Heritage and Windward campuses to ensure that your classes are not dropped.

Can I apply for $800 On Us if I’m on financial aid suspension?

Yes, you can use this as an opportunity to help improve your Satisfactory Academic Progress.

What happens if I withdraw from my classes?

If you withdraw prior to the census date (Jan. 24 for 1st 8-week; Feb. 1 for 16-week; Feb. 6 for 15-week), you will not be eligible for this award. In addition, withdrawing from courses after the census date may impact your academic progress and future eligibility for financial aid.

What is the funding source of $800 On Us?

$800 On Us funds come from the CRRSAA Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF II) and the American Rescue Plan (HEERF III), both from the U.S. Department of Education.

Additional questions?

DMC’s Financial Aid Services office is available to assist you with any further questions about $800 On Us. You can reach us at financialaid@delmar.edu or 361-698-1293.

Page last updated November 17, 2022.

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