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    Class Schedule 

    Day Course
    (4 weeks)


    7 AM - 5:30 PM

    Night Course
    (10 weeks)


    6 PM - 10 PM

    Day Courses begin every week.
    Night courses begin every four weeks.

    Class schedules are subject to change based upon demand. Call (361) 698-2707 for additional information.

    Semi Tractor-Trailer Operator Driving Skills Refresher Course (CVOP-2009)

    Completing refresher course will help you refresh your driving skills and help you in finding employment.

    Course Description:
    Instruction in the operation of a tractor-trailer combination in city and highway conditions including control and maneuvering of the vehicle through various traffic situations.

    Learning Outcomes:
    Control and safely maneuver the vehicle in various traffic situations; and safely back an articulated combination into and through various obstacles.

    Course Requirements:
    Eligible candidates must hold a valid CDL class A license with air-brake endorsement, have a current D.O.T. physical and pass a D.O.T. drug screen prior to attending course. (must be able to verify previous training certifications or work experience) 

    Length of Course:
    Minimal refresher course will cover 20 hours of backing and driving skills. Depending on student's progress, additional time may be recommended for an additional cost.

    Course Schedule:
    Refresher Courses will be scheduled upon demand and equipment availability.