Assistance is always available from Campus Security. Officers are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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    Emergency Information - 698-1199
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    Services and Non-Emergency - 698-1946

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    Emergency Procedures/Information 

    Emergency 698-1199

    You can reach this number by dialing directly from any phone on campus or any emergency call box.

    Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

    Emergency Call Boxes

    Emergency and Assistance call boxes, mounted on light poles or in free-standing blue pedestals, may be used to request help during an emergency, to request personal escorts, or for any assistance or information needed. The call boxes are located on both the East and West Campuses, as well as the Del Mar College Annex. For current locations in these areas, please call (361) 698-1946 day or night. When using a call box, be prepared to state your name, location and the nature of your emergency. the best assistance.


    Services and Non-Emergency 698-1946

    Assistance is always available from Security. Security will provide a phone and phone numbers to auto services that will provide jump-starts for vehicles with dead batteries.

    We also locate missing vehicles in the parking lot and help physically disadvantaged students and faculty in and out of their vehicles.

    Call the Security dispatcher at Ext. 1946 if you or someone you know needs non-emergency assistance.

    After Hours

    Occasionally, staff or faculty members require access to offices after normal working hours or during weekends. Not all buildings are in use at these times. Individuals who need to work outside normal business hours must stop by the Security Office and fill out an "after hours" request.

    By filling out the request, Security knows who is working in each building and how long they expect to work. In the event of an emergency, Security can contact you if evacuation is needed.

    Unless students are with a faculty member, Security cannot permit any students admittance.

    Lost Property

    Frequently, items found on either campus are turned in to the Student Activities Offices located in the Harvin Center and Coleman Center. Officers make every effort to locate owners of lost property and will leave word in the nearest building in which items were found.

    Reporting Crime 698-1199

    You should immediately report incidents to Campus Security. Officers will investigate the incident and assist you in contacting the Corpus Christi Police Department if needed.

    You should immediately report items missing from classrooms. In some cases, a missing item can be recovered. Immediately contact Security if you or someone you know is victimized on either campus.

    Campus Security provides a means for students to anonymously provide information about crimes on campus. Total anonymity is guaranteed. No personal information is collected with the crime information. Crimes reported through this program are reviewed and investigated by the officers and staff of the Security Department. All information submitted through this program is confidential. 




    Safety Issues

    In the event of a fire alarm or evacuation, please take you personal items with you if possible. By doing so, you cut down opportunities for theft and ensure that you won't need to return to the building to retrieve items from an unsafe environment.

    Our bike officers routinely perform checks on people who stay in their vehicles for periods of time. This procedure is conducted to safety purposes.

    Parking is another safety issue on both campuses. Do not park in red fire zones because this blocks emergency vehicle access to certain buildings. We remind individuals to be considerate and not park on handicap spaces. These spaces are reserved for our physically disadvantaged students who need easy access to buildings.


    Contact Information

    Emergency: 698-1199
    Non-Emergency: 698-1946

    Security Dispatcher Location:
    Maintenance Building at Naples Street and Kosar Street, East Campus

    Office of Chief of Security, Environmental Health and Safety Location:
    White Library, Room 104, East Campus 

    Office Hours:
    Office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    Director of Environmental Health and Safety 
    Kelly L. White White Library 104 698-1641
    Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety 
    J. Chris Tweddle White Library 104 698-1641
    Office Assistant     
    Eva Gonzalez White Library 104 698-1641
    Fire Assistant     
    Dwight Johnson White Library 104 698-1641
    Chief of Security     
    Lauren White White Library 104 698-1641



  • Contact Information

    Office of Chief of Security, Environmental Health and Safety
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1641

    Location: White Library, Room 104, East Campus