• Promotional Items

    Promotional items imprinted with Del Mar College information, such as pencils and pens, have the potential for promoting the College’s image and aiding in student recruiting efforts when used appropriately. 

    You need to consider these factors when requesting imprinted items for promotional distribution.

    1. Who is the audience for this promotion?
    2. What message will this promotion convey?
    3. When and where will this distribution be accomplished?
    4. Who will monitor the distribution and report on its success?
    5. Who will monitor the supply of this item and assess the need for reorders?
    6. Which College budget cost center and line item will the item be charged to?
    7. Is the unit cost for this item consistent with the intended audience and message?

    Requests for orders of promotional items must have the approval of the department chair, dean or appropriate supervisor once these considerations have been thoroughly explored.

    In order to manage the cost-effectiveness of such promotional efforts, the College has standardized these requests by ordering approved items in sufficient quantities to get the lowest possible unit cost. This process allows the College to minimize set-up charges and delivery costs. A group of items will be selected and approved each year for College promotional distribution.

    Requests for imprinted items must be approved by the College Relations Office to ensure correct information, appropriate graphic standards and consistent marketing messages.

    Items for personal use by individual employees may not be charged to the College. This includes shirts (other than uniforms required by the College), desk sets, coffee mugs, etc.

    The College President may approve exceptions to these guidelines on an item-by-item basis. 

    Download the Promotional Item Request Form in PDF format.