Weapons on Campus

Weapons on Campus

Anyone having knowledge of a weapon or an armed person on campus should immediately alert the DMC Security of the situation. DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199).

1. Be prepared to provide the following information to the police:
  • Location of the armed person
  • How is the person armed, i.e. rifle, pistol, knife
  • Actions (and, if known, purpose) of armed individual
  • A complete description of the individual
  • Whether or not any shots have been fired
  • Your name and where you can be located if needed

Texas handgun licensing laws do not permit the carrying of handguns in College buildings. (Texas Penal Code; Section 46.03 (f). Place Weapons Prohibited)

2. After notifying the police, notify the Safety Office and /or appropriate dean's office of the situation (Refer to Emergency Contacts, pages 3-4).
  • Unless otherwise directed, persons on campus should remain in their office or classroom with doors closed and locked, if possible.
  • If there is danger of shots being fired or if shots have been fired, all persons should lie on the floor and remain as calm as possible.
  • Individuals should remain in a place of safety until assured that any danger has been resolved.

3. Any student, faculty, or staff member should call DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199) immediately when conduct may endanger personal safety or property.

One or more of the following may govern conduct:
  • DMC Board of Regents Policy
  • Texas Education Code; Section 4.31, Exhibition of Firearms
  • Texas Penal Code; Section 42.01, Disorderly Conduct
  • Texas Penal Code; Chapter 46. Weapons

Page last updated February 1, 2018.