Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

The procedures contained in this "Quick Reference Guide" are suggested for general emergency situations that may threaten Del Mar College (DMC) buildings and occupants. No plan can provide direction for each specific circumstance that may develop. However, these guidelines serve as a general framework, which should be evaluated as a course of action as similar situations arise.

In the event of an emergency, adhering to the general steps developed in this guide should maximize the opportunity for the safe protection and, if necessary, orderly evacuation or relocation of all occupants. Safety of building occupants is the primary concern of any emergency plan. The preservation of the building and contents is secondary. The success of the College community to prevent or respond to accidents requires a team effort by administration, faculty, staff, and students.

The material contained in this "Quick Reference Guide" is condensed from the Del Mar College Safety Manual. The safety manual contains additional information concerning responses to certain unplanned events that may threaten the College community. The manual also contains procedures developed to assist the College community in complying with safety and environmental requirements of federal, state, and local regulatory authority.

The safety manual and this "Quick Reference Guide" are standard to the College system, with guidelines applying to all of the College community. Certain procedures are specific to the particular environment in which they are applied. These specific procedures should be developed within work groups and included in the safety manual notebooks maintained at work sites. These procedures must then be made available in the workplace or classroom.

Copies of the safety manual notebook are distributed to department chairs, division heads, and supervisors and are available in work areas for thorough review.

Contents of This Guide

Emergency Notifications and Contacts
Office telephone numbers of key positions.

Emergency Plan for Fire
Provides immediate procedures to follow in the event of suspected fire.

Evacuation Procedures
Guidance for evacuations of DMC facilities during and following an emergency.

Accidental Spill of Hazardous Substance
Initial Steps in the event of a chemical or other hazardous substance spill.

Medical Emergencies
Steps for providing first aid and EMS care and transportation for medical emergencies.

Disruptive or Disorderly Conduct
Guidance for obtaining assistance in dealing with disruptive or disorderly conduct.

Weapons on Campus
Reporting and response to an incident of an armed person on College property.

Bomb Threat Procedures
Steps to be followed upon receipt of a bomb threat and notifying authorities.

Severe Weather Alerts
Outlines DMC decision and notification of severe weather-related events.

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