Disruptive or Disorderly Conduct

Disruptive or Disorderly Conduct

1. Incidents involving complaints or minor misconduct by students, visitors, other non-employee individuals
should be resolved by faculty/staff personnel when at all possible.

2. The appropriate administrator, campus coordinator, or other supervisor on duty should be responsible for
  • Assisting faculty/staff personnel if they are unable to immediately resolve the incident/complaint.
  • DMC Security will respond to complaints/incidents if the situation or conduct warrants police intervention.
  • Factors, which might indicate police involvement, may include violations of law or conduct which has escalated beyond the capabilities of the faculty or staff available.
  • Any student, faculty, or staff member should call DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199), immediately when Conduct may endanger personal safety or property.

3. Report incidents or obtain DMC Security service by calling:
  • DMC Security Office: 361-698-1199
  • DMC Safety Office: 361-698-1641

4. One or more of the following may govern conduct:
  • Del Mar College Board of Regents Policy
  • Del Mar College Student Handbook; Section on Discipline
  • Texas Education Code; Chapter 51, Higher Education
    • Subchapter E; Protection of Buildings and Grounds
    • Subchapter E-1; Maintaining Campus Order During Periods of Disruption
  • Texas Penal Code: Title 9, Offenses Against Public Order and Decency

Page last updated February 1, 2018.