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    Contact Information:

    Please route all service requests through the Help Desk.
    Email helpdesk@delmar.edu or call (361) 698-2330 .
    Help Desk Hours: Monday - Thursday - 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..

    August Alfonso Chief Information Officer 698-1300
     Denise Simpson  Interim Director of Programming and Operations  698-1300
     Robert "Bob" Martin  Director of Network and Technical Services  698-1300
     Jessica Montalvo-Cummings  Director of Web Services   698-1300 
     Jonathan Garcia  Assistant to the CIO  698-1300
     Benjamin Roback  Interim - Information Security Analyst  698-1300
    Administrative Assistants  
    Kimberly Ramirez Administrative Assistant 698-1300
    Help Desk 
    Greg Palmer Helpdesk Coordinator 698-2330
    Russell Hess Helpdesk Specialist 698-2330
    Bob Vadney Helpdesk Specialist 698-2330
     Humberto Cavazos  Helpdesk Specialist   698-2330 
    Vince Villarreal Network Specialist 698-1300
     Matt Melton  Network Specialist  698-1300
    John Farias Operations Supervisor 698-1348
    Sylvia Santos Computer Operator 698-1348
    Denise Simpson Project Coordinator/Senior Applications Analyst 698-1300
    Software Development 
    Paul Ackerman Software Developer/DBA 698-1300
    Joel Sullivan Software Developer/DBA 698-1300
    Cristina Salas Software Developer 698-1300
     Sara Greer       Internet Specialist  698-1300
     Darci Jones  Internet Specialist   698-1300
    Technology Specialists 
    Manuel Aguilar Lead Computer Technology 698-2330
    Tom Graham Lead Computer Technology 698-2330
    Mark Hinojosa Lead Computer Technology 698-2330
     Bradley Cravy  Lead Computer Technology   698-2330
    Herb Maddux Technology Specialist 698-2330
    Scott Riddle Technology Specialist 698-2330
    Paul Skrobarczyk Technology Specialist 698-2330
    Larry Bazan Technology Specialist 698-2330
    Chad Hector Technology Specialist 698-2330
    Audio/Video Support 
    Luis Robles Electronic Technician 698-1300
    Patrick Shultz       Electronic Technician  698-1300
    Billie Graham Coordinator of Voice and Data 698-1300
     Laura Lusk Montemayor  IT Desktop and Compliance Specialist  698-1300
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    Information Technology
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    fax: 361-698-1163