• Separation Process 

    Employees may leave for new jobs, educational opportunities, relocations, or any number of reasons. The information below is provided to assist employees in meeting obligations related to their departure from the College.  The Benefits Coordinator, Matthew Garcia, will meet with all full-time employees separating from the college.  He may be contacted at mgarcia707@delmar.edu or (361) 698-1132.


    Employees will submit a letter of resignation to their immediate supervisor (normally at least two weeks prior to the last day of work) to permit the replacement process to be undertaken and to provide for an organized transition.     A member of the faculty who plans to resign at the end of the academic year should give the appropriate Chair and Dean a written statement of this intention no later than January 15.  See policy B5.47 Resignations.

    Supervisors will accept a letter of resignation in writing.  This letter of acceptance plus the resignation letter will be routed with a PER 101 (or a GRA 501 for grant-funded) to notify administration that someone has initiated the separation process.  


    Faculty and administrators are expected to give their supervisors six (6) months' notice prior to retirement. Other employees should give a minimum of three (3) months’ notice prior to retirement.  See policy B5.25 Retirement Provisions.  Any employee who is retiring should schedule an appointment with the Benefits Coordinator to discuss the exit process.  

    TRS Retirement:   Contact TRS (website) or by phone (512-542-6400), preferably six (6) months prior to retirement to allow sufficient time for completion of TRS required forms.

    ORP Retirement:  Contact your ORP provider or financial advisor before retirement to review distribution options and beneficiary designations.

    Social Security Benefits:  Contact the SSA about three months before the date you want your benefits to start.  Apply online at SSA, visit the local Social Security office or phone 800-772-1213. 

    Medicare:  Contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) at least three months before you need benefits to begin.  Enroll in Medicare Parts A and B (website) or by phone at 800-772-1213.  

    Exit Process   

    At the time of voluntary or involuntary separation of employment, employees should follow these procedures:

    Meet with supervisor to discuss separation. 

    Provide a signed copy of your resignation letter to both your supervisor and to Human Resources. The resignation letter should include the date of your last day of work.  

    Schedule a Voluntary Exit Interview with Human Resources that will include a discussion regarding final wage payments and available benefits options.  Call (361) 698-1132 to speak with Benefit Coordinator Matthew Garcia.

    Complete the Check-Out Sheet on your last day of employment with your supervisor. Your supervisor will complete Section One and submit to Human Resources at mgarcia707@delmar.edu

    The Check-Out Sheet must be submitted to Human Resources and all property must be returned to the College for an employee to be cleared.  All areas designated on the Check-Out Sheet must be signed off by the Supervisor so that your final paycheck can be released on time.

  • Contact Information

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    (361) 698-2178

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