• E-Learning

    Web-based, or online, courses are delivered over the internet. Students log in to their courses using a unique user ID and password. Online courses typically include readings, group activities, interaction by way of discussion boards and email, and may include audio and video clips.

    Over 100 Web-based for-credit courses were available at Del Mar College in with the number of courses continuing to expand at a rapid pace. Web-based courses are popular with students that may have other obligations that prevent them from taking campus-based courses, such as a full-time job, family responsibilities or transportation issues. Web-based courses follow the same academic calendar as their campus-based counterparts.

    Students also have the option of taking courses through the Virtual College of Texas, or VCT. The VCT allows local students to register for courses offered at community colleges across Texas and receive the same credit as a course taken locally. This is typically done when a student needs a course that is not offered locally. Note that the course must be offered locally but unavailable for it to be offered via VCT.