Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Certification Program

Available at: East Campus

Engineering student working on a computer.

Program Overview

The Engineering Technology program teaches mid-level engineering technology concepts and troubleshooting primarily in regards to Alternative Energy and Mechatronics for those students interested in entering the workforce upon completion of their studies. ET graduates may pursue careers in design and development, automation, technical sales, and operation and maintenance in the field of electrical engineering and careers in design, installation, manufacturing, testing, technical sales or maintenance of mechanical systems.

Alternative Energy and Mechatronics technicians will be familiar with the following fields:

Mechanical equipment:

  • Manual applications;
  • Machine applications;
  • Pneumatic systems;
  • Hydraulic systems.

Electrical and automatic equipment:

  • Preparing wiring schemes;
  • Direct current and alternating current circuits;
  • Electrical measurements;
  • Electric machines;
  • Basics of electronics;
  • Automatic systems.

Information technology:

  • Basics of digital technology and logic;
  • Logical controllers and programming these;
  • Industrial networks;
  • Programming languages;
  • Visualization of automatic processes.

In summary, you combine the tasks of the industrial mechanic with those of an electronics technician. This is an innovative professional area offering plenty of potential and scope. As a specialist, you combine technologies, connect electrical operating equipment or construct complex mechanical systems. Following your training, you can work in the field of assembly, or in the servicing of machines or factory plants, or initial installation and also maintenance of plants. Good craftsmanship skills and a well-developed technical understanding, as well as the ability to handle complex thought processes provide an excellent foundation for graduates to obtain jobs throughout the United States and abroad. Estimated starting salaries range from $30,000 to $45,000 a year.


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