• Photo and Video Services

    The College Relations Office coordinates all photography and video services to ensure a positive portrayal of DMC to the public. Photographs taken by CRO staff are limited to those images designated for use in publications, on the College’s Web site (including departmental and program pages) or for distribution to news media to promote events, programs or student and faculty achievements.

    Designated CRO staff may also generate short videos that highlight students and employees as part of marketing efforts or to serve as news clips that draw attention to events, departmental or program accomplishments and College-wide activities that positively impact DMC’s institutional image. You can find these videos on YouTube or on our Video Player.

    In consideration for students, employees and community members involved and for the protection of Del Mar College, use of an individual’s photo or video image, voice recording, talent, or testimony will adhere to procedures and guidelines, whether photos are taken by CRO staff or students and/or employees of the College. 

    Guidelines and Procedures for Photo/Image/Voice/Talent use: 

    • Individuals whose photo or video image, voice, talent or testimony is recorded or captured for use in College promotions, publications, Web sites, advertising, video productions or other media must sign the Photo/Image/Voice/Talent (PIVT) Release form. This applies to individuals photographed or recorded in group settings only if the individuals are easily recognizable—for example, crowd shots or recordings of individuals captured at a distance would not require a release form.
    • College employees or representatives of College units, departments or divisions are responsible for obtaining releases at the time the image is captured. PIVT releases must be maintained in such a manner as to be retrievable whenever the image or voice recording is used.
    • Copies of all PIVT releases need to be forwarded to the College Relations Office, along with the images they represent.
    • PIVT releases for any image that has the capability of being included in Web-based communications must be maintained indefinitely. 
    • Releases for static medium (such as a printed photograph) must be maintained for the period of time the image is used plus three years.
    • All images used in conjunction with the College’s Web site must be protected by the statement: “All images used on this Web site remain the property of Del Mar College and may not be used by any other individual or entity without the express written permission of the College. Contact the College Relations Office.”
    • A PIVT release is valid when it includes the printed or readable name of the individual, the signature and at least one other identifiable piece of information (email address, phone number, etc.)

     Download the PIVT Release Form (PDF Format)