Credit vs. Continuing Education

Credit vs. Continuing Education

Continuing Education is the broader term for Community Education and Workforce Training. The Community Education focuses on courses and programs geared for special age groups (Children & Youth and Seniors) and courses/programs seeking to expand a student's horizons including fitness, arts & crafts, and the love of learning. Workforce training helps prepare students for jobs in a limited amount of time. Some courses/programs can be as short as three weeks and others take up to 1 year or more.

Although Workforce Training can result in students earning Continuing Education Units (CEU's) this does not count towards a college degree. Community Colleges are required to transcript all courses that result in CEU's for the student's use in obtaining employment.

In addition to Workforce Training, Continuing Education is also the arm of the college where professionals go to maintain their certifications and licenses. Many occupations require periodic updates in their fields - Continuing Education is the place for that.

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