Financial Aid Award Policies and Procedures

Financial Aid Award Policies and Procedures

To better understand Del Mar College’s policies and procedures for awarding and disbursing student financial aid, read the following information.

Accepting/Rejecting Award

Refer to Steps to Accepting Your Award and follow the listed steps. Awards can only be accepted or rejected online.

Steps to Accepting Your Award Online

To accept or reject your financial aid award, please follow the steps below. Awards will be cancelled or classes may be dropped if your awards are not accepted.

  1. Log into WebDMC using your DMC User ID and password.
  2. Click on "Students."
  3. Under Financial Aid, click on "Accept/Reject My Financial Aid Awards."
  4. Choose the appropriate Financial Aid Year and click "Submit."
  5. Confirm Financial Aid awards: Either accept or reject awards and click OK.
  6. Or, click on Financial Aid Checklist.
  7. Select an award year.
  8. Review and accept your Financial Aid award package.
  9. Print Financial Aid Shopping Sheet your records: Under "Financial Aid (WebAdvisor for Students)" click "Financial Aid Shopping Sheet," choose "View Financial Aid Year" and print.

Year Round Federal Pell Grant

Effective from the 2018-2019 school year, an eligible student may receive a full Federal Pell Grant for Summer even if they received a full Federal Pell Grant during the fall and spring semesters. Student must be enrolled in at least halftime (6 – 8) hour to receive an additional Pell Grant. Year-round Federal Pell Grant availability can provide students with an excellent opportunity to accelerate program completion, possibly saving on overall degree cost and limiting student loan debt.

As an example of how Year-Round Pell will work: if an eligible student in the 2018/2019 academic year receives a full-time Pell award of $3,048 in each of the fall and spring semesters, this student will now be eligible to receive up to another full-time Pell Grant of $3,048 for the summer semester. Under Year Round Pell, this student would be eligible to receive up to a total of $9,144, or 150% of their scheduled Federal Pell Grant during one academic year.

Note: All Federal Pell Grant payments continue to count toward lifetime limits of 600%. And all other eligibility requirements will still apply.

Students who receive the maximum Student Loan for the fall and spring semester may not be eligible for Loans during the summer sessions. Also, you cannot receive financial aid from two different schools for the same enrollment period.


*Some funds require specific enrollment levels to maintain that award -see Glossary section for specific requirements. Be cautious in selecting your classes, failure to enroll for the proper hours may result in cancellation or reduction of funds awarded.

Pell Grant Awards and TEOG Awards (TEOG1 AND TEOG2) are based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted based on actual enrollment once the census date has passed for the course (this includes late start classes), see Glossary section.

For example in the 2018/2019 Academic Year, if your fall Pell award is $3,048 at full-time (12 or more hours) and you enroll half-time (6 to 8 hours), your award will be adjusted to $1,524 for the semester.

All other awards are based on minimum enrollment as stated in the Glossary section. Pell Grant Awards for summer are based on the amount of funds students have remaining for the Academic Year. Students are eligible for awarding based on half-time enrollment level (6-8 hrs.) and will be adjusted based on actual enrollment hours.

Lifetime Eligibility Used Limit

The Consolidation Appropriations Act of 2012 has set a limit on how many times a student may receive Pell Grant. A student may receive Pell Grant for approximately 12 full-time semesters (600%). The Department of Education will notify you as you approach or reach the limit. Once you have reached the limit, you will no longer be Pell eligible.

First time Direct Loan Borrowers

Loan proceeds for ALL first time borrowers will be delayed 30 days from the beginning of the semester of the loan period.

Loans for 1st time DMC borrowers are expected to be released on or after the following dates:

For 2018/2019
  • Fall 2018: October 2, 2018
  • Spring 2019: February 19, 2019
  • Summer 2019: July 8, 2019
For 2019/2020:
  • Fall 2019: October 7, 2019
  • Spring 2020: February 24, 2020
  • Summer 2020: June 26, 2020

Loans have very specific requirements before being disbursed. Instructions and detailed information can be found at Direct Student Loan Borrowers Instructions. Should you not comply with specific requirements, the loan will be canceled and you may owe money to the College.

Federal (FWSP) and Texas (TXWS) Work Study Program

If you have been awarded FWSP or TXWS funds and are definitely interested in work study, you must accept your offer and continue to check your WebDMC email for notice of all pertinent employee information, including a mandatory orientation. Please reject the award if you are not interested so we can award other students.

Rapid Track, Block courses, mini semester

If you enroll in short semester courses in addition to long term courses or for short semesters only, your award will be calculated based on the census date of that course. In some cases, you will not receive a disbursement until mid-semester, depending on the census date for the short course(s). If you are planning to take several short semester classes, you must enroll for all courses at the beginning of the semester. Financial aid programs will not cover courses added after the 12th class day of a semester or if you drop a course during the semesterFor the summer, financial aid programs will not cover courses added after the 4th class day of a semester or if you drop a course during the semester.

Repeated Courses

Financial Aid regulations prohibit, in some cases, payment of previously repeated courses. Rules will permit payment for retaking a course under the following conditions.

  • If student earns/receives non-passing grade (I, R, W, F) in a course; the student may retake the course and can be included for payment.
  • If the student passes the course (“D” is considered passing), the student may retake the course one time to improve the grade and can be included for payment.
  • Any subsequent repetition of a passed course may not be counted for payment. Retaking courses will be counted in evaluating the student’s record for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and maximum time frame eligibility. Find detailed information regarding DMC’s SAP Policy to protect your financial aid.

ALL disbursements require an accepted award on file (on the Web). Financial aid awards must be accepted by census date in order to cover tuition and fees. The student will be dropped if the award is not accepted or payment is not made. If you receive an award email and have accepted the awards prior to or during registration, grants, loans (see below for loans) and scholarships may be used to cover your tuition and fees, up to the amount of your eligibility. If you receive an award email after registration contact Financial Aid Services for the expected disbursement dates (see Financial Aid Disbursement Schedules).

TXCON, TEOG1 and TEOG2 funds are not disbursed until funds from the state are received; disbursement dates for these awards vary depending on funding from the state.

Bookstore Charging

Accepted awards may be used to cover tuition/fee charges and will allow you to buy (charge) your books/supplies at the DMC Bookstore on campus.

Charge Periods:


  • Fall 2018: August 20, 2018 – September 10, 2018
  • Spring 2019: January 7, 2019 – January 28, 2019
  • Summer I 2019: May 21, 2019 – June 4, 2019
  • Summer II 2019: July 1, 2019 – July 15, 2019


  • Fall 2019: August 21, 2019- September 6, 2019
  • Spring 2020: January 6, 2020- January 20, 2020
  • Summer I 2020: May 19, 2020- June 2, 2020
  • Summer II 2020: June 29, 2020- July 13, 2020

Should you choose not to use this option, your remaining funds, after tuition and fee charges have been deducted, will be deposited to your Refund Selection with TouchNet. Also, refer to Bookstore Charging for additional information regarding DMC’s disbursement process.

Change in Enrollment/Complete Withdrawal

If changes in enrollment occur before the census day (block courses included), Pell Grant is recalculated in accordance with the scheduled eligibility for that enrollment status and students may owe funds back to the program or to Del Mar College. This includes classes that are dropped due to the class being canceled or classes that cannot be covered due to being repeated courses.

Loan Recipients: If you drop below six semester hours during the fall or spring term, you must complete an exit interview. A hold will be placed on your records until this requirement is met.

WARNING: Students who completely withdraw during the first 60% of the semester or who fail to earn a passing grade in classes enrolled will have a Return of Title IV Funds formula applied to their account.

This formula shows what you have earned for the time period you were enrolled. Any unearned portion must be returned to the Federal Financial Aid Programs.

What does this mean?

Should a student withdraw from Del Mar College at any time within the first 60% of the semester or fail to earn a passing grade in all courses enrolled for while receiving federal funds, the student will owe money back to the federal programs and/or to Del Mar College. Before beginning the withdrawal process or decide to no longer attend classes, talk to a financial aid representative.

NOTE: If you fail to earn a passing grade in at least one course, a determination will be made to see if you earned all the funds disbursed to you. Should you stop attending classes without notifying anyone, your instructor will report the last date you attended class. That date will be used to determine if funds are owed.



Pell Grant is a federal grant awarded to you based on your expected family contribution (EFC), which is calculated from the FAFSA. For 2018/2019, award amounts range from $311 to $3,048 per semester (including Summer, see Year Round Pell), depending on actual enrollment and EFC. The higher the EFC, the lower the amount of eligibility.

PELL prorated amounts based on enrollment level

Semester hours Award amount 2018-2019
12 or more hours 100% of award $3,048 per semester
9-11 hours 75% of award $2,286 per semester
6-8 hours 50% of award $1,524 per semester
1-5 hours 25% of award $762 per semester

(Not all students eligible at this level.)


Texas Educational Opportunity Grant-Initial, Max award per semester

Semester hours 2018-2019
12 or more hours $1,575
9-11 hours $1,181
6-8 hours $787
1-5 hours $0


Texas Educational Opportunity Grant-Renewal, max award per semester

Semester hours Award amount
12 or more hours $1,575
9-11 hours $1,181
6-8 hours $787
1-5 hours $0

9 hours minimum enrollment required (3/4 time)

Award name Description
TXNEW Texas Grant Program New-No longer offered at Community Colleges
TXCON Texas Grant Program-Renewal

6 hours minimum enrollment required (half-time)

Award name Description
DLSUB Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan
FWSP Federal Work-Study Program
SEOG Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
TPEG Texas Public Educational Grant – Texas Resident
TPEGN Texas Public Educational Grant – Non-Resident
TXWS Texas Work-Study Program
UNSUB Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal Regulations require institutions to review the progress of all students applying for student financial assistance. Satisfactory Academic Progress must be maintained in order to receive aid. Be advised that these standards apply to ALL financial assistance programs. View the complete DMC Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for TXCON, TEOG1 and TEOG2 Type

Type Time Policy
GPA End of Initial Year Institution's SAP Policy (above)
GPA End of Subsequent Years Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
Completion Rate End of Initial Year Institution's SAP Policy (above)
TXCON End of Subsequent Years Successful completion of 24 hours for the year
TEOG1, TEOG2 End of Subsequent Years 75% successful completion of attempted hours for the year

The provisions and information set forth in this statement are intended to be informational and not contractual in nature and are subject to modification without notice, by the Administration or the Board of Regent. For additional explanation refer to the Disclaimer in the College Catalog.

Del Mar College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or any other constitutionally or statutorily impermissible reason.

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