• Voice/Telecom

    • Voice/Telecom provides telephone, voice-mail service and supports blackberry users.
    • Program new extensions to the East Campus, West Campus and CED telephone systems.
    • Program changes to existing extensions to reflect new users and/or changes to features.
    • Program new voice-mail boxes for new extensions. Literature on the use of voice-mail along with oral instructions are made available to new and continuing users. Extensions and voice mail boxes are removed when no longer needed. Changes are made to voice-mail box passwords as needed.
    • Procurement of new cell phones and taking care most of the problems with existing cell phones as they arise is done by us.
    • Reconcile the cell phone bill and work with Accounts Payable to charge departments for their cell phone usage.
    • Furnish a series of reports on the monthly use of long-distance charges, directory assistance charges, and international call charges that are used to charge the departments along with their regular monthly charges for extensions.
  • Contact Information

    Information Technology
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    fax: 361-698-1163