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    Tuition and fees are correct at the time of posting. The Del Mar College Board of Regents has the option to adjust tuition and fees. Texas state legislative action may also change costs. You can calculate your typical costs using the table above.

    Please note: tuition and fees are subject to change in response to Board of Regents or Legislative action.

    Note: Tuition and fees as of April 2017.


    Spring 2018

     Semester Hours    District Residents     Out of District        Out of State/Foreign  
    3 $368.00 $518.00 $629.00
    6 $659.00 $959.00 $1,181.00
    9 $950.00 $1,400.00 $1,733.00
    12 $1,241.00 $1,841.00 $2,285.00
    15 $1,532.00 $2,282.00 $2,837.00



    School Fees
    Del Mar College is required to charge certain education-related fees in addition to tuition. There are two types of fees - basic and special.

    Basic Fees 

    Basic fees are charged to everyone.

    • General Use - This fee is charged to cover the cost of transcripts, graduation, grounds improvements, technology centers, campus security and parking control.
    • Building Use - This fee is charged to assist in maintaining, improving and equipping campus facilities.
    • Instructional Support - This fee is charged for the support and maintenance of writing, math, reading and other learning labs.
    • Student Services - This fee defrays the cost of cultural programs, intramural sports, student club activities, the student newspaper and other related student programs.
    • Matriculation - This fee is charged to defray the cost of creating and maintaining student records.
    • Vehicle Identification Permits (VIPs) - VIPs, which are provided by the College are required of all students to park on campus and may require a fee for replacements.

    Special Fees 

    Special fees are only charged if required.

    • Out of District - An out-of district fees will be charged if your legal residence is outside the Del Mar College District.
    • Laboratory - Laboratory fees will be charged for selected courses in subjects such as art, engineering, foreign languages, kinesiology, sciences, business administration, business technology, health sciences, technology programs and  occupational (industrial) programs.
    • Music Fees - Music fees will be charged for selected courses offered in the music program.
    • Late Registration -  A late fee will be charged if you register after the official registration date.
    • Dual Credit - Dual credit students will be charged a fee per semester credit hour.
    • 3-Peat Fee - A per semester credit hour fee will be charged is a student is attempting a class for the third time.

    For a full list of current fees and other information, visit the College Costs section of the Del Mar College Catalog.


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    Serving Hispanic Students
    According to the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, Del Mar College consistently ranks among the top fifty community colleges in the nation granting Associate degrees to Hispanic students.
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