• Operations

    • The computer operations area oversees the mainframe for the college.
    • All programs that are processed by request by clients, programmers or whether they are scheduled jobs that are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly are run by computer operations.
    • Ensure all files are backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. This ensures that we have copies of everything if needed for recovery due to equipment system problems or even in the need of a disaster.
    • Support the college’s staff as well as ensuring all student records are updated.
    • Process grades for students, and all other updates of student records to enrollment counts of the number of students enrolled for the term.
    • Support the staff of the college, which includes the Business Office, Financial Aid, Registrar Office and Payroll Department. Anything these clients need whether is updating their files or reports are run in these area. All checks are processed and printed in the Data Center as well.
    • The staff of the Data Center includes a supervisor, senior operator and a computer operator.
  • Contact Information

    Information Technology
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    fax: 361-698-1163