• Information Systems Security Associate

    Associate in Applied Science Degree

    Available at: East Campus
    Del Mar College uses the Texas Common Application.
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    Program Overview

    Del Mar College is a leads the State of Texas in providing Information Security and Cyber Security education. As student at Del Mar College you will receive an education that balances extensive hand-on training exercises with the sound foundational education to design, install, analyze, maintain, and protect a secure information systems infrastructure. Securing and protecting information systems is a requirement of businesses, government, and educational institutions. The curriculum at Del Mar College is recognized as the only Texas Skills Standards Based (TSSB) program for Information Security in the State of Texas.

    As an information Security student at Del Mar College, you will learn to recognize and assess the threats to an information system, how vulnerabilities can be eliminated or minimized, implementing and testing security hardware and software to determine their effectiveness against cyber-based attacks,  and the creation and documentation of information technology security policies in an organization. You will also study the relevant legal and ethical issue and emerging legislation and technologies that continue to impact professionals the information security field.

    Topics include, and are not limited to:

    • Identification of the risks associated with the use of information systems in a contemporary business environment,
    • Security issues to consider in the design, implementation, and management of an information system,
    • To implement encryption to protect data at rest in, and in motion through, an information system,
    • Complete an assessment of the vulnerabilities of operating systems, application and infrastructure devices.
    • Securing operating systems, application and infrastructure devices to minimize or eliminate vulnerabilities.
    • Securing information systems infrastructure devices and wireless networks.
    • To document, create and maintain an information systems security policy, and
    • Other security management practices.

    Graduates of this TSSB-recognized program will be prepared to work in banks, schools, hospitals, government offices, businesses of all sizes, or will be prepared to continue studying towards additional certifications or degrees in information security, cyber security and information assurance.

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