• Disruptive or Disorderly Conduct

     1.  Incidents involving complaints or minor misconduct by students, visitors, other non-employee individuals
         should be resolved by faculty/staff personnel when at all possible.

    2.  The appropriate administrator, campus coordinator, or other supervisor on duty should be responsible for
         assisting faculty/staff personnel if they are unable to immediately resolve the incident/complaint.
         DMC Security will respond to complaints/incidents if the situation or conduct warrants police intervention.
         Factors, which might indicate police involvement, may include violations of law or conduct which has escalated
         beyond the capabilities of the faculty or staff available.
         Any student, faculty, or staff member should call DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199), immediately when
         conduct may endanger personal safety or property.

    3.  Report incidents or obtain DMC Security service by calling:
              • DMC Security Office: 361-698-1199
              • DMC Safety Office: 361-698-1641

    4.  One or more of the following may govern conduct:
               • Del Mar College Board of Regents Policy
               • Del Mar College Student Handbook; Section on Discipline
               • Texas Education Code; Chapter 51, Higher Education
                    - Subchapter E; Protection of Buildings and Grounds
                    - Subchapter E-1; Maintaining Campus Order During Periods of Disruption
               • Texas Penal Code: Title 9, Offenses Against Public Order and Decency