• Del Mar College Departmental Scholarships

    Several scholarships are awarded by various Del Mar College departments. Recipients are selected by the department's Scholarship Subcommittee. Selection is based upon each department's specific scholarship criteria. For more information, contact the appropriate department(s). The following are departmental scholarships:

    1. Band Participation Awards 
    2. Choir Participation Awards 
    3. Del Mar Music Scholarships 
    4. Drama Participation Awards 
    5. South Texas Aviation Project (STAP) 
    6. Art Department Awards 

    Other Scholarship Resources

    Several area foundations and organizations provide scholarships for students pursuing higher education. Students can apply for these scholarships directly with the organizations.

     Additional Scholarship Opportunities


    Be Aware - Scholarship Scams

    For more information on scholarship scams. Visit these Websites:

    $cholarship $cams



    How Do You Get Your Scholarship Funds?

    Scholarships are placed in your student account at Del Mar College. They are first used to pay for tuition and fees. If any funds remain after those payments, the balance will be made available to you for books and other college related expenses through your HigherOne card, bank account or by check, unless the scholarship criteria prohibits excess funds being used for these purposes.


  • Financial Aid Deadlines

  • Did You Know?

    Serving Hispanic Students
    According to the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, Del Mar College consistently ranks among the top fifty community colleges in the nation granting Associate degrees to Hispanic students.