• Dental Hygiene

    Associate in Applied Science Degree

    Available at: West Campus
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    Program Overview

    The Dental Hygiene Program prepares the student for the dental hygiene field. A dental hygienist's primary duties include:

    • providing patients with regular oral prophylaxis
    • advanced periodontal therapy
    • dental x-rays
    • dental sealants
    • dental health care instruction for the control of oral diseases and the promotion of oral health.

    Graduates will receive an Associate in Applied Science degree. They are eligible to take written examinations including the national, clinical regional, and state board jurisprudence licensing examinations. After passing these examinations, graduates apply for licensure to practice dental hygiene under the general supervision of a licensed dentist.

    Along with classroom lectures, first-year students learn instrument manipulation and x-ray skills by practicing on each other and dental mannequins. Freshmen students begin patient treatment at the end of the Fall semester. Students continue to treat patients during the remainder of the program.

    When patients call to request an appointment, students are assigned to them based upon the patient's qualifications for treatment. Students are required to purchase prescribed uniforms, lab jackets, instrument kit, dental supplies, protective gloves, mask and safety eye glasses. Additional expenses include but are not limited to, textbooks, national, regional and state license examination fees, license registration fee, student association membership dues, and a National Board Review course registration fee.

    The dental hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. A Dental Advisory Committee assists College officials in the implementation of the curriculum under the standards established by the Commission.

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