• Mexican - American Studies

    Associate in Arts Degree

    Available at: East Campus
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    Mission Statement

    The Del Mar College Center for Mexican-American Studies (CMAS) supports an interdisciplinary academic program that focuses on Mexican-American experiences in South Texas and throughout the United States by providing resources and learning opportunities for our students and for the community. The CMAS aligns with the College's designation as a Hispanic-serving Institution; and, it furthers Mexican-American Studies as a relevant and dynamic field of study for academic growth and personal enrichment.

    Program Overview

    The student learning outcomes for the program are derived from and linked to the student learning outcomes of the field-of-study courses. They are clear, concise, and measureable statements that specify what a student is expected to know or be able to do at the completion of the program.

    The student learning outcomes are listed below.

    • Graduates in Mexican-American Studies will demonstrate an understanding of the historical, political, and contemporary experiences of Mexican-American men and women in the United States, specifically in the region of South Texas.
    • Graduates in Mexican-American Studies will summarize demographic trends in the Unites States of the past, present, and future.
    • Graduates in Mexican-American Studies will recognize the main elements of the Mexican-American aesthetics as displayed in literature, language, music, visual arts, and cultural practices.
    • Graduates in Mexican-American Studies will practice and demonstrate oral, written, and research skills.

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