• Environmental/Petrochemical Lab Technology

    Associate in Applied Science Degree , Certification Program

    Available at: West Campus
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    Program Mission Statement

    The Environmental/Petrochemical Lab Technology Program is committed to preparing students for a career as an environmental / petrochemical technician within the Chemical Process Industry (CPI) or in any related laboratory-type job. The two-year curriculum is designed to provide opportunities to assimilate chemical knowledge, develop laboratory skills and competencies, and develop attitudes and abilities consistent with teamwork which will prepare the student for job entry, economic independence, occupational advancement, and career development as a Chemical / Environmental Lab Technician.

    The Environmental/Petrochemical Lab Technology Program proposes:

    • To develop opportunities for students to acquire economic independence through career development, job entry, and occupational advancement within the CPI. 
    • To provide a background in chemistry appropriate to the needs of employment within the CPI. 
    • To provide meaningful chemical laboratory experiences that will prepare students for entry into industrial laboratory settings. 
    • To develop student technical skills and critical thinking skills to the level of competency required for postgraduate employment. 
    • To provide opportunities for students to develop the oral and written communication skills that will be required in the industrial laboratory setting. 
    • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and attitudes conducive to effective team participation. 
    • To encourage and support student participation in professional affiliations. 
    • To offer timely and appropriate academic advisement and remediation accessibility for students.



  • Contact Information

    Technology Education
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    Office: Emerging Technology Building West Campus, Room 139